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Welcome to Concierge Family Doctor by Gilbert Medical Group!

Who We Are

Marlon Gilbert M.D. is a concierge doctor treating patients throughout Miami, Aventura, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas in South Florida. For immediate assistance please contact us on (954) 706-5366.

Our Services

Having practiced medicine in various environments in South Africa, England and the USA, Dr. Gilbert uses his experience to create a model that will provide you with the best possible care, coordination of care and preventative healthcare management. We use highly advanced diagnostic techniques to tailor your care to your individual medical requirements. Dr. Gilbert is available 24/7 by cell phone.

About Us

Are you tired of fighting for your doctor’s attention? Are you fed up with calling to book an appointment and waiting on hold for an hour? Well, we are fed up too! We have noticed that the health system lends itself to a low quality of care which is impersonal and degrading to patients. Dr. Gilbert refuses to practice like that. He provides a personal service, preventing delays in care and optimizing your health.




  Current Health System Dr. Gilbert’s Concierge
New Patient Appointment 1 week wait, appointment rushed and impersonal. Same day comprehensive visit up to 2 hours as needed.
Current Patients See a different doctor / physician assistant / nurse practitioner at each visit. Impersonal care. See Dr. Gilbert every time – Continuity of care is the core of Dr Gilbert’s practice.
Check-in Process Up to 10 pages of repetitive, useless forms Paperless registration from home or on iPad in waiting room.
Test Results “If we do not call then everything is ok” Dr. Gilbert says: “If I don’t call you tomorrow, then call me on my cell phone for your results”.
Patient Copy of Results “You must come in for an appointment if you want to get a copy of your results” Available immediately on the patient portal.
Preventative Care Nurse asks: “Would you like a flu shot or not?” Comprehensive, tailored preventative plan for your health to extend your healthy years with your family.
Sick Visits Up to 2 days waiting time Within 2 hours or a home visit that evening (at a small additional fee)
Hospital Admission By random hospital physician assistant or physician with impersonal visits and no explanation of results at a crucial time in your life Admission by hospitalist personally assigned by Dr. Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert sees you daily with updates throughout the day to you, your family and close communication with specialists caring for you
House calls no $100
Travel Travel clinic for vaccines Dr Gilbert stocks all vaccines.
Illness While Traveling Local ER or urgent care Direct email, Skype, FaceTime and cell phone access to Dr. Gilbert.
Out-of-Town Relatives and Friends Make an appointment and wait in line Same day visits for urgent problems at reasonable fee.

We welcome snowbirds and will coordinate a safe transfer of care between your physician up North and Dr. Gilbert!

Discounted  Corporate  Concierge packages are available for businesses of 5+ employees. Call Katy McAndrew at (954) 706-5366 for details

Concierge Medical Plans

Concierge Patients under 40 years old

  • Individuals under 40 years old $1000 per year
  • Couples under 40 years old $1500 per year
  • *Additional family members under 21 years old $300 per year
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Concierge Patients 41-50 years old

  • Individuals 41-50 years old $1500 per year
  • Couples 41-50 years old $2500 per year
  • *Additional family members under 21 years old $300 per year
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Concierge Patients over 50 years old

  • Individuals over 50 years old $2000 per year
  • Couples over 50 years old $3000 per year
  • *Additional family members under 21 years old $300 per year
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Home Bound Patients

  • Limited to specific cities in the region of Hollywood/ Fort Lauderdale/ Aventura
  • Private Nursing Options Available
  • Call for Details

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